Dave, Virginia

This site was extremely helpful because I was having a lot of trouble with my assignment. I needed more than just reference materials. On your site I was able to find a great essay that was well written, correctly referenced, and formatted. I am really impressed with the quality of the essays and so was my professor. I revised the essay and changed some things, but the hard part was already done for me. I use this site as a reference for many of my assignments and it saves me time and effort, that's why I am back and continue to use your site.

Lisa, California

I am a full time student and work as many hours as I can, so saving my time is really important to me. I have ordered custom papers online in the past and got mixed results with the quality, but with your site I am in complete control. I choose my subject and find exactly what I need and revise the paper to fit my needs. It takes a bit more time to rewrite the reference than just ordering it, but it still saves me hours and hours and I know that it is done right! My grades are proof that your system works.

Scott, Florida

I was searching online for sample essays on a pretty obscure topic when I found your site and I am glad I did! I have never purchased a paper online before, but I have used other papers to get ideas. The essays that I found on your site were perfect for me to write my paper from. They are really well written and structured in a way that is beyond useful! You guys have saved me more than once.

Thomas, Vancouver

Your site is my one stop shop for all of my reference papers and I use it frequently. Your database is user friendly and has really helped me achieve some good grades last semester. I was skeptical at first, but saw my friends successfully using your site to search reference papers and hearing them say that your site is a valuable resource. I realized that having access to my own personal database of academic papers was exactly what I needed. Thank you again!

Nick, Texas

I have had a good experience with my orders and can't believe the range of subjects. I would honestly say that you guys have something for everyone. Even more I am really impressed that the papers I've found on your site are quality and not just the crap that I have seen on some other websites that offer a searchable database. Your site has really helped me get ideas when I was stuck and for that I thank you.

Antonio, Bologna, Italy

I am from Italy and have problems writing in good English and do not know how to write the many kinds of papers my teacher gives me. Your site has been a big help to me and I now know how to form my paper to make good grades. Thank you and I am a happy customer!

Michael, Florida

I am pretty impressed at the range of papers you have here. There has not been a single time when I was searching for something and did not find at least one paper here that helped me! Great collection and worth the price!

Margie, Arizona

I would recommend your site to anyone who is looking to save a lot of time and energy! I don't try and turn anything is as my own but I do look for sources, structure and writing styles. Your site has really helped me understand what it is like to write a good essay!

Ivan, NY

I have tried a few smaller essay databases but they just simply do not have the number of papers that you do. It is incredible to see so many papers on so many subjects. MightyStudents is a life saver, Thanks.

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