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Prophet Isaiah

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But this hardening of the heart as part of the divine judgment does not excuse man from his own responsibility it is part of the punishment , not an alibi by which he can escape . And with his judgment God triumphantly sets himself against anyone who seeks to oppose him or to slow down the realization of his plans (2 .12ff . These are features which evolve and mature with the decades , but in essentials they remain the same . This also happens...

History Of The Middle East To 1914

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El Shaddai has ordained the destruction of Makor . The Hebrews strike first (221 ) 3 . Throughout the ``Psalm of the Hoopoe Bird , Kerith and Hoopoe are in conflict what are the reasons for this conflict , how does their conflict get settled , and who came closest to winning the conflict - Kerith or Hoopoe ? develop your answer in detail by describing two specific events from this chapter . Jabaal , the Hoopoe is the tragic hero of the story , defeated and unrecognized in his victory...


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Samuel , prophet of Yahweh warned the Israelites that they are committing the act of disobedience and would be punished for violating Yahweh 's laws . Israelites didn 't take into account Samuel 's warnings and continued to long for monarchy . The first monarch , Saul , set the pattern for the rest , disobedient towards Yahweh 's laws , which became the main reason of the conflict between Yahweh and the kings of Israel and Judah . It is the historical pattern in the Hebrew stories...

An Examination Of The History And Role Of King Solomon

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Solomon and the Lord loved him ' Because David was a godly man , he probably wanted Solomon to grow as godly man like him who truly believed Yahweh . Thus , when Solomon was probably at the age he could be waned , David sent him to Nathan . Verse 25 of the same chapter says , ``And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet and he called his name Jedidiah because of the Lord ' From this , it follows that Solomon grew to become...

Israelite Religion/ot Theology

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Israel was born from these freed slaves and their intermarriages with the tribes they found in Canaan . It is therefore the goal of acquiring new land that leads to narration of the events characterized by oppression that preceded the Exodus event (Deborah 2000 . From this event and the whole Exodus story it is evident that these former slaves in Egypt are about to enter not only into a new land but also into a new relationship with Yahweh the powerful...

Review Of Gods Design

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Messiah defined as cataclysmic event . It is possible to say that the book is the exegetical perspective brought out but h author in the context of unifying themes of the Old Testament . Author 's template can be applied to certain aspects of the text and , in such a way , the author manages to inform his readers about the primary meaning of the passage . To prove exegetical perspective it is necessary to mention stipulations of Israel covenant . In particular , the author...

The Role Of The Judges In Israel

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Yahweh could not be sustained for long amongst the Israelites . For example , Gideon in spite of being used by God to win a victory against the Midianites in extraordinary conditions still led his family into the worship of Baal (Bratcher , 2008 . Samson also was inept and flawed though he had taken Nazarite vows his preoccupation was not the welfare of Israel , rather , he was concerned with Philistine women and this eventually led to his demise . Conclusion Judges were more local...

Systematic Theology

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Paul Tillich . -the theologian 's goal is to articulate the answers of revelation in a manner that remains faithful to the original christian message while being relevant to the questions asked by the modern , secular mindset -Wesleyan quadrilateral : sources of theology : scripture (the bible as properly exegeted , reason (the findings of science and human reasoning , experience (individual and corporate encounters with life , and tradition (the teachings of the church throughout its history . Experience is not the source of theology , Tillich...

Compare Adn Contrast The Vocation Of Socrates As A Philosopher To That Of The Hebrew Prophets

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Mr . Winston Churchill at the time of Second Word War . No one whether , black of white thinks of risking the division of America on racial lines . The pertinent question therefore , how to accelerate the process of genuine unity of minds , so that all concerned can live life without fear and free from discrimination ? Cornel is desperate to find answers to such questions and he researches for the root cause and would like all concerned to tackle the issue from that...

The Restoration Period

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In spite of the cold hard statistics pointing US as the single largest (25 approx ) emitter of CO2 , Bush continued to thwart any pressure to sign and conform to the requirements of Kyoto protocol for reasons flimsy and unrealistic . Bush 's apathy is evident too when a dozen states as well as environmental groups and large cities moved the Supreme Court while trying to convince the court that the Environmental Protection Agency must regulate , as a matter of public health...

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