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Delighting Customers In Emerging Markets

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External quality and delight encompasses what customers see in the purchase and consumption experience : the attributes and benefits that products and services provide and the costs they impose , and the conclusions the customers draw about the company . In the area of customer delight and loyalty , loyalty is a customer 's intention or predisposition to buy , while delight is the behavior itself (as when a customer returns to a restaurant , comes back to buy the same brand of car , or purchases...

Business Process Management (bpm)

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They further go on to suggest that business processes correspond to natural business activities , but they are often fragmented and obscured by the organisational structures . Processes are invisible and unnamed because people think about the individual departments , not the process with which all of them are involved (1993 :118 ) Giving examples , they suggest that the name given to a process `must imply all the work that gets done between the start and the finish , what they also call the `state-change...

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