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Learning And Development

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In BBC , the rate of staff turnover is quite low and that can be attributed to good talent management practices which have seen even the subordinate staff being accorded a chance to develop and train . Tamkin (2005 . 90- 120 ) notes that training of junior staff can have a far reaching positive impact for the organization given the fact that such staff also play key roles in the organization and occupy positions in which they deal directly with clients something 's...

Organisation Development

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For instance , in an engineering firm , the top management may consist of administrators who are not necessarily engineering professionals , the chief executive officer who again may not be a professional as well as some managers such as the production and quality assurance managers , all of whom have different training needs . Therefore , the design of the training program must take care of each category 's special needs . The program should be designed in such a way as to match the roles...

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