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Technical Writing Basics

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Internet . However , distance learning is not all positive and its pros and cons in terms of its effects on organizations must be discussed . Distance learning allows people who have professional lives to balance their personal , professional , and academic lives better by having the option to choose their class schedules and when to do their school work . It also saves them money because they do not have to travel to the campus . Continuing their education does not mean they have to...

Technical Writing Basics

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Depression is a psychological dis that alters a person 's way of thinking , feelings , distressing community conduct and tampering with bodily well being of the person . Such feelings like sadness , being exhausted or being in mood of despair may adversely affects employment issues , schooling and family duties and may lead to one being attacked by depression . This is indicated in the case Hedley who shows his fear by not allowing Florence to be admitted permanently to an aged care facility...