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Case Study

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Return on Liquidity ratios have been steadily growing at a time when in competitors this indicator has been growing slower or even fell for several points . There is Current Assets indicator which has hugely grown from the negative status up to 203 ,08 (from 806 ,416 millions in 1997 to 2520 ,219 millions in 2001 ) what means that Southwest Airlines increase the number of its assets and thereby increases the number of services and subsequent profits . For the period of...

Domestic Terrorism

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Ulysses Grant administration is frequently cited to offer substantiation to claims about illegitimacy of any authority above the local sheriff . This makes the Federal Reserve System illegal as well as the federal income tax . The ultimate form of breaking relationships with the illegitimate state is asseveration , ``severing their contractual relationship with the state (Atkins , 2002 , p . 248 . The Posse Comitatus Act that was intended by the Founding Fathers as a deterrent to the nation 's enslaving by the corrupt federal...

Film Review Assignment

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Holistic therapy emphasizes on the whole person - physical , mental , emotional and spiritual - as well as personal responsibilty and participation in one 's own health care . Environmental medicine is a therapy based on how factors in our environment - foods , chemicals , water , air quality affect us . Treatment ranges from environmental control to immunotherapy . In recent years , however , the limitations of the mechanistic Western model have been the of many discussions and George Engel , a leading advocate of general systems theory , is one...


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While , paramilitary SWAT officers are trained in military techniques and use military weapons which are sophisticated and dangerous to be used on civilians . The paramilitary units seem to have more authorities , the units use armored cars and perform ``without on knock ' searches that a frighten people as they are surprised , at times this officer enter houses through windows or from the roof as they are dropped by the helicopters , all this interfere with the rights of citizens . Consequently , this hinders...

Argumentative Essay

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All that the rave-goers want is drugs to be present at each of their noisy parties . They neither know the source of the drugs , nor anything about the active ingredients in the drugs . The chemicals used in the manufacture of the drugs are also unknown . Besides , the contaminants that are possibly present in them make it hard to determine how toxic the drugs really are . The symptoms and the consequences of the drugs also cannot be expected . In short , writes...

A Comparative Approach To Policing In The United Kingdom

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King 2007 ) Decentralization Vs centralization . The police system in US is highly decentralized . This is because the country is a federal government and there are many police units that perform different duties and operate under different levels of government . It is also very highly fragmented with over 10 ,000 law enforcement agencies through out states . This has led to extensive conflicting of jurisdictions and great duplication of duties by police officers . The various policing organizations include FBI , CIA , secret service...

Managing The Global Workforce. Challenges And Strategies

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An employee who is open to change and can motivate all the other employees in accepting change and performing to help in company expansion is the ideal candidate . Openness to cultural diversity and having the skill of flexibility are the primary factors being considered when identifying a talent . Virtual Solutions can b an answer to this challenge by using the shared selection criteria (e .g . job posting in the websites showing the job requirements and a brief job . Awareness Building...

Criminal Justice System In Society

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SWAT , Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys as well as shows like CSI (Crime Scene Investigators ) which feature cops as intelligent , vigilant and capable hunters of law breakers . The portrayal of the police and how it reflects the roles , styles and functions of the police : The movie The Negotiator provided the audience a glimpse of the roles of the police in the society as well as the styles and functions of the police . The most important role of the cop is...

Strategic Management

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Scot Supermarkets organizational mission Great Scot supermarket is a progressive growth oriented company recognise4d as a regional leader in retail foods . We will continue to strive to improve our responsiveness to the needs and concerns of our customers , employers and suppliers and the communities in which we serve .this will be accomplished through the development of our employers , an emphasis on volume and profitability . We intend to expand within our existing marketing areas to both protect and improve our position...

Police Role And The Media

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Lastly , police officers are also crime preventers . In an article entitled ``Vehicle , Robot Ga . Police Department ' written by Beth Warren , it was portrayed that a large tanklike vehicle that might rumble through a neighborhood means that it is not a good sign (Warren , 2008 , p . 1 . According to the police officers in a certain press conference , the armored Lenco Bearcat only goes out to the county 's most dangerous scenes like hostage stand offs injured officers and high-risk arrests (Warren...

Women In Swat

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Caramae Richey Mann , 167 ) The structure of the law system and the law itself are also to blame for perpetrating racism . This is in the sense that the architects of the law have enacted it in such a manner that it serves to favor a people of a particular race , which they themselves belong to and discriminate against those from the minority race . Consequently , justice founders in its quest to bring about peace and in the society . The disparity that...

The History Of Special Weapons And Tactics In The United States

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Instead , MOVE opened fire on the SWAT team below . The members then threw a little girl out of their basement window as a shield . A plainclothes officer rescued her , and the SWAT team managed to capture automatic weapons and ammunition that the group had stored in its house . Some of MOVE 's members were then charged with murder . Their children were taken , given baths , and turned over to Welfare , because MOVE was against soap , and burying garbage (UPI , 1978 . In...

Militarizing American Police (since 911)

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On the other hand , the armed forces are not trained on how to deal with the general public and their training is mainly centered on war . That is why the police force is entrusted with the duty of enforcing laws in the public in New York Streets while the armed force fights in Vietnam and Iraq . Like Kraska (2007 ) argues , the main distinction here is war for the military and law enforcement for the police . The theoretical concept behind the...

Swat Analysis

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Morality must be taught , but it cannot be taught in the lecture hall , but only in action . This means , for example , a young student interested in biology must first , while being taught the rudiments and basics , must volunteer at the local hospital and morgue , tend to the dying in a specific , non-medical capacities , even , as the student grows , assist doctors and nurses in the basic tasks of their profession as apprentices , of a sort . A young student of biology should...

Female Officers Can And Are Doing The Job

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International Society of Women Police occurred . However , no women were on patrols and the majority were clerical workers or no more than glorified social workers . By the early 1960 's , women officers were no longer satisfied to stay in the traditional positions and began pushing to do more of the same jobs the male officers were doing . The standard at this time was that in to be promoted you must have patrol experience and in a perfect Catch 22 situation-...

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