Sociology And Natural Resource (environment)

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Earth . The increase in level of carbon dioxide which leads to green house effect , melting glaciers and ocean variability is actually caused by emissions from burning fossil fuel , extensive land use for capitalist activities , space activities and finally deforestation (Stienfeld et al . Water Resources : Water is amongst the four central elements necessary for human life on earth . Water is a natural resource that renews itself as a result of natural process known as Water Cycle . This procedure recycles water naturally...

Sociology And Natural Resource (environment)

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Furthermore , societies are expected to encourage biodiversity and healthy ecological systems . This cause may be promoted by agricultural development and encouraging cultivation which is on the decline in many societies . Societies are also expected to reduce air pollution by using environmental friendly fuels and substances in machinery and automobiles . The development of parks , green areas and fields in urban and rural areas to counter the loss of trees and forests all around the world is also encouraged by the principle...

Public Relations

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The customer uses the service offered by the server , either showing database inquiry results to the user or making stock requisition proposals to a shareholder . The message that occurs among the customer and the server must be consistent , i .e , no information can be crashed and it must turn up on the customer side in the identical in which the server passed it . There can be many servers of a exacting category in distributed systems e .g , multiple network name...

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