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Trail of Tears during the Native American removal . The song became also popular during both World Wars when allied soldiers with sing the song during the services for fallen soldiers . The popularity of the song during the sixties as social justice movements developed from their foundations in gospel movements . From being a song for memoriam , the use became to highlight the suffering from social injustice and became particularly popular with the Black Power Movement . Similar to the Native American use...

Gender And Health

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Sicherman [1991] , recent graduates ``compensate their inexperience through higher educational attainment . It does not mean that they would not be able to get an adequate job in the future . Using the Swiss panel data , Dorn and Sousa-Poza [2005] discovered that more or less 90 percent of the overqualified workers overcome their situation after three years . They are able to get an adequate job for them . This contradicts to the fact that individuals must acquire more and more skills . The more...

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