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Mrs. Dalloway / Passage To India

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Woolf 's main concern in the novel seems to be the inner workings of Mrs . Dalloway , her thought processes , and how she engages with the world surrounding her . Woolf juxtaposes Clarissa 's internal self with her external world , thus setting up one of the most prevalent , resonant themes within the text , and it is ``against this system that Woolf places a world of private significance whose meaning is wholly irreducible to facts of the external world (37 . This struggle between...

Mrs. Dalloway

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When this happens there is going to be in creased prices as producers will pass the burden to the consumers . As a result there is going to be a shift in aggregate supply in the short run as a result of reduced demand . However , the extent of this effect is determined by the price elasticity of demand and supply ceteris paribus . Spiraling inflation This is the worst kind of inflation also known as built in inflation or run away inflation...

Virginia Woolf

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Clarissa wants to present herself before the people in a manner which is expected from a woman like her . Being an upper middle class woman , Clarissa tries to repress her real feelings and act like other members of her class . Although she is conversing with the guests who have arrived at her party , she refrains from expressing her true feelings to them . It is only when is alone that Clarissa reveals her true identity . While gazing at her reflection in...

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