The First, Second, And Third Punic Wars

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Hannibal 's forces . Their tactics of cautious harassment and delay resulted in 10 years of indecisive maneuvering . Gradually Rome won back the disloyal Italian cities . Defeat of Carthage . In 204 B .C . Publius Scipio (later called Scipio Africanus the Elder ) launched a campign in Africa against Carthage itself . Hannibal was called home , and landed in Africa in 202 . At the battle of Zama Hannibal 's comparatively untrained troops were routed . Carthage accepted Rome 's peace terms . Hannibal was named by...

Western Civilizaion

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Interest rate risks There are many ways that company can take care of the interest rate risks . Considering a company will sell a part of its division in a year and is expecting to receive huge cash flow or makes a sudden profit during that period . At the same the company believes that the interest rates will drop to a great extent , and then it could purchase a treasury contract in the futures market . Thus the company is looking towards...

Peloponnesian War And The Second Punic War

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This called for plans to be made to make the enemy by looks and words appear weak . This called for the morale building for the armies which acted as a balancing tool and more as an imperative to strengthen the troops . These also made it possible for the troops to engage in a more offensive war . Ideas in continuity in the aspect of making strategy From the ideas exposed by Sun Tzu and Clausewitz the strategy of offensive and defensive...

The Making Of Strategy In The Peloponnesian War And The Second Punic War Between Rome And Carthage

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Attica was in the offing . It should also be mentioned that the poor performance of Athens created a great amount of disaffection in Athens itself (Miggs , 1972 , 152-170 . At the same time , the defeat of Athens in Sicily permitted the Spartans some time to build its own fleet and to replenish its losses . The land war itself on Attica was meant to eliminate the advantage that Athens had from its famed fleet (Thucydides , 3 .26 , but this advantage was dwindling...

Hannibal Barca

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At the time of Hannibal 's campaign , Rome was still a very strong nation-state with ample economic resources , manpower and competent generals with large legions of armies under their command . On the other hand , when Hannibal started his campaign his resources were severely restrained . After discounting all the forces required to secure Carthaginian mainland , Hannibal was left with only 40 ,000 men and 8-10 ,000 horse , mostly Africans and Numidians , from Carthage itself . The rest would have to be raised...

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