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Sarah Palin

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VicePresidential candidate . She 's already proven there are many different kinds of feminists , mothers , and leaders . Before the media latched onto the finding that Bristol Palin is pregnant , much discussion swirled around the fact Sarah Palin 's youngest son , Trig , has Down syndrome . Sarah Palin and her husband have graciously shared their personal reaction to their son 's prenatal diagnosis and provided their pro-life beliefs as explanation for why they made a different decision than 80 of parents given the...

Vice Presidential Debate

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But she chose not to understand my point because she was ``extremely ' in love with that guy . I can understand her feelings but I can 't tolerate her actions . What she only thinks is the present happiness and not looking for the possible consequences in the future . I told her that every action she will be doing has its consequence . It might be right or wrong . Then , I asked again . ``What if you get pregnant ? Is he willing to accept...

Critical Thinking Xiii

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Film : There Will Be Blood This movie is generally about wanting , acquiring , and needing more wealth specifically , it takes place during the oil boom in Southern California during the late nineteenth century . Silver prospector Daniel Plainview forged through his life from poverty to extreme wealth by finding an oil source , and is made to appear like he has no concern for anything else . Because of his obsession for wealth and power , he lost the affection of his adopted son , H...

(2 ) Current Political Cartoon Write-ups

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To illustrate the dual nature of the threat to good and discipline , it may be helpful to examine the case of Ethredge v . Hail . The disruption caused by homosexual conduct is a product of two groups-those members who engage in homosexual conduct and those members who object to such conduct . If the military is no longer taking any independent position on homosexual conduct and all other things being equal , then the military should be ambivalent as to whether homosexual conduct...

Popular Culture And Print Media

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For more than seven decades , the corporation has established a market portfolio that has positioned it well in the auto industry . Currently the GM Corporation has a market share of more than 30 percent of the auto market . The Corporation has a worldwide operation . This gives the corporation a chance to transfer products which have been successful in one market to the other emerging market . The corporation is able to build special cars upon request with specific directions given by...

Critical Thinking Through The Media

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As far as online advertising is concerned , the nature of the ads displayed depends upon the target demographic that is more likely to visit the website regularly . However , no evident patterns were observed between the advertisements and the nature of the news being reported . The NY Times displays ads of local organizations such as the American Medical Association , while Fox News displays banners of local educational institutions such as University of Phoenix . On the contrary , BBC displays banners of International...

How Media Or Technology Changes Perceptions Or Awareness

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Joe the Plumber ' is the key example here , but an even more troubling example may be McCain 's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate . Both `Joe ' and Mrs . Palin greatly motivated and energized the Republican side in the short term , but as time progressed and the media and public had the chance to learn more about these campaign catalyst symbols , they eventually turned out to counter-balance the initial jolt they provided . For instance , the media picked up on...

Republicans Use Of Internet

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The McCain 's team used the online Versionista , service to illustrate the Obama campaign 's edits of its Iraq policy page in an attempt to demonstrate the democrat 's shifting policy stance (Stirland S . R 2008 ) and McCain in his campaigns , started to spider the Obama 's campaign website . The republican campaign team , in the last few weeks of the campaign further added features like social networking to boost their communication via the web . The McCain team re-launched its social...

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