Real Properties Vs Intellectual Properties

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The intellectual property holder is given the protection by law as a reward for his hard work on the condition that after a certain period of time , his work will enter into the public domain and be available for free use by the public (``Intellectual Property ' 2006 . No such condition exists for real property . Owning real property does not mean that all rights are protected . Show two examples of where rights are limited in the ownership of land or personal...

Law Of Real Property

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A legal estate will be appropriated by two or more persons as joint tenants if it has been conveyed to them . Subsequent to 1925 , the law has ceased to recognize all forms of co - ownership with the exception of joint tenancy . The number of persons who can be co - owners of a property has been restricted by law to four . In the event of an endeavour to convey to persons whose number is more than this the joint tenants will...

Real Property

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Big issues has also been raised when non-white skinned minorities were called Nigger , Kike , Towelhead , Sand-nigger , Camel Jockey , Beaner , Gook , or Chink . Among these racial issues , white people are sometimes surprised that they are appraised by `radicalized others ' in ways which are negative . The work of African American (in particular W .E . Du Bois (1868-1963 ) and Derek Bell who both see race as being a central category in social analysis ) authors and those involved in colonial struggles (in particular Franz-Fanon...

Real Property (law)

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In an exclusive right to sell agency agreement , the owner is bound by agreement to the use of a single broker who is entitled to a commission even if the owner disposes of the property himself . Multiple listings agency agreements is a form of partnership wherein the listing agency is entitled to a share of the commission from the selling agency . A net listing agency agreement requires that the owner request a specific price and the agency 's commission is...

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