Analysis Of The Book `the Dictator Next Door: The Good Neighbor Policy And The Trujillo Regime In...

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Latin American intellectuals were less than enthusiastic because it relied on American authority and kept authoritarian regimes in power , Trujillo 's being the most egregious . During the Depression , Trujillo consolidated his power even further despite the Dominican economy 's near-collapse , receiving additional American economic aid , mainly because of his promises to protect American business interests . However , he soon became ``the greatest source of instability in U .S .-Dominican relations . As U .S . officials found out , the benefits of a `stabilizing...

In The Time Of The Butterflies By Julia Alvares

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The Butterflies were a representation of dignity , pride , and resistance ADDIN EN .CITE The Gale GroupThe Gale Group , Inc .Novels For Students In the Time of the Butterflies2002http /www .enotes .com /time-butterflies /copyright (The Gale Group , 2002 . It is amazing how these sisters and the people of the Dominican Republic found the strength to fight the Dominican dictator , after living in fear for more than thirty years . They rebelled against the leader , knowing that their lives and their families were...

Why The Dominican Republic Has Been Plagued By Military Coups And Civil Wars

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Baez took advantage of the tobacco farmers from northern Cibao during their reigns to enrich themselves and their supporters . Santana antagonized the farmers and bought their crops for less than their value . Baez profitted from printing 18 million uninsured pesos , which he used to buy the 1857 tobacco crop , at the expense of the hard work of Cibao farmers and merchants . When inflation affected the tobacco planters , they revolted putting back Santana as President . In 1882 , General Ulysses Heureaux was...

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