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Palestinian civilians within the area of the refugee camp . Sharon and several other officers were censured for their role in not preventing the massacres and were eventually removed from their post (256 . The President Clinton had evidently left little trace of his blame against Arafat for the failure of the Camp David peace conference . According to Mittleman et .al (2002 , in an effort to bolster his sagging international status , the Palestinian leader embarked on an extensive diplomatic mission but found...

Arab-israeli Conflict

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Eventually the Palestinian Authority disintegrated as well in 2007 during the battles between Hamas and Fatah which lead to several civilian deaths (MidEast .Org , 2008 . Today there are several issues which are still in dispute over both sides that have yet to be resolved . One of these issues is the control of Jerusalem by Israel . Both sides consider this city to be a holy place in their religion and lay claim to it . Additionally both sides have grave concerns over...

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