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Pacific Northwest History - Research Argument

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Pacific Ocean . By the end of the 1800s , vast numbers of immigrants all but erased the unsettled frontier , and changed the lives of every American in one way or another permanently , especially Native Americans . Telegraph wires , railroad tracks , and other trappings of civilization came to dot the landscape , much as herds of buffalo and vast expanses of empty land did in days gone by (White , 1983 . The Oregon Trail , logistically , seems to have been defined by the terrain over which...

Oregon Trail

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When starting any venture , most people need a lender . Banks started to sprout at several points along the trail . In terms of business , it was common practice for towns to make their start , purely on credit . Many say that this is the reason the west side of the continent received venues for big business . It was until a newer improved method of transportation was devised that the Oregon Trail became the secondary path to the west . Until the invention of...

The Oregon Trail

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Perhaps the only times when the emigrants are able to purchase water at lower prices are whenever they reach a small town and whenever they found a source of potable water along the way . Reasons for Leaving Thousands have already traveled across the trail and settled in Oregon by 1846 . But why were these individuals willing to leave their homes and land , travel across thousands of miles with barely minimal food to eat and water to drink to a place...

On The Oregon Trail

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What I found out was that these emigrants were leaving in search of free land in the west . Many of them could not own land in their own homes because it was too expensive , or they were farmers who were searching for better soil and a better opportunity to farm their land . Some were talking about mining for gold and dreams of becoming rich , while most simply wanted a place where they could afford to build a life on their...

The Oregan Trail

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Indians however , many literatures claimed that not at all times that Indians were hostile to settlers . Most these literatures even claimed that the Native Americans were in reality , more often friendly than not . I would assume that along the way , they had established relations with the native Indians , which could be a good of research . The website I am using is very informative and I can say that these websites are effective tools for learning . Of course , internet sources , scholarly...

American Architecture

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The look is enhanced through the spectacle Willamette Falls . From the perspective , the museum imparts an impression of the political , social and economic growth of Oregon as a city considering its humble beginning . Here , people showed esteem towards building not just a territory but a splendid state . Just recently , the museum was reopened with the help of the public after two months due to financial downturn (Curtin , par . 1 . The people in the community extended financial support to keep the...

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