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Sibling Rivalry As Depicted By Eugene Oneill And Sam Shepard

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Charles , 2002 .113 ) The competition between the two came to a peak when Lee employed charm to con movie Tycoon into choosing between producing his western story or his brother 's love story . He then bullied is brother into writing his screenplay in exchange of taking him to the desert . Chaos then ensured until their mother returned . In the play , the image of the West is portrayed as having a double nature . Austin argues that the West does not exist...

Eugene Oneill

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With regards to tragedies , domestic comedy , histories , and travel romances patterned after Greek drama , characters differ from figures at sea , whose stories he wrote about from personal experience to historical figures in the likes of Lazarus , Marco Polo , and Ponce de Leon (Brietzke 5 . Whereas his Strange Interlude projected into the future , the plays he did towards the latter part of his life dealt with events which happened in the past (Alexadner 103 . The many-sided surfaces of his plays , besides...

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