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Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit

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Our staff at the reception counter too had to struggle a lot while communicating in both verbal and non-verbal communication with his family when the patient was admitted . By the time the staffs get used to interacting with people of one culture , the patient gets discharged and again the problem arises with a new set of people belonging to different cultural background . Gender differences too impact the process of communication in my organization . The differences are not very blurring but...

Midterm Project

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Despite absence of hearing , the abatement will still stand as a lawful exercise of police power , considering that the existence of a nuisance demands an immediate action and remedy , else , the damage caused will be great and irreparable . At the earliest instance , especially when the injury is not yet caused , the state must employ such reasonable means to prevent any untoward eventuality that would adversely affect the health , safety and welfare of persons . The ordinance despite those possible objections may...


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The same principle applies to the owner of an unoccupied land even though he is not in verity present there . It is his lawful duty to take care of his property keep a check for any harmful objects , garbage since it is his job to prevent his land from becoming a nuisance to the community (Lindley LJ at 566 ) As in AG v Tod Heatley , where an owner 's unoccupied property had become a public nuisance by dumping of ``dead...


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Fifth , the expense to be shouldered by the owners of the property is disproportionate to the risk of drowning that the property itself poses to children trespassers . Hence , in this case , tort law would favor the plaintiffs and hold the owners of the property accountable for damages . Case 3 : They drowned in a lake when they were swept over a small water-fall that was not visible until they were in the lake . In this case , the owners of the property...

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