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Neonatal Nurses Knowledge Of Postpartum Depression

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Though this is a significant figure , the other 75 is minimally equipped and their screening and comprehensive diagnoses proficiency needs more training . This splits this percentage to 39 as the NICU nurse who are proficient with the rest being efficient but not fully conversant with severe cases of postpartum depression . Survey on nurse knowledge on the level of postpartum cases in the general population show that nurses put the level of PPD occurrence in the general population is at 16-20...

Critique On The Article Evaluation And Development Of Potentially Better Practices For Improving ...

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The Vermont Oxford Network Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Quality Improvement Collaborative Year 2000 (NIC /Q 2000 ) quality improvement methods to foster early and ongoing family involvement in care , education , and administrative processes in the NICU . This is a survey questionnaire with open ended questions , hence an explicit absence of the research question can be justified . They included for these questionnaires the 3 areas that the researchers believed would be improved . These are : the parent-reported outcomes , the nursery staff beliefs and...

Family Social Support And Prenatal Care Among Unmarried African American Teenage Primigravidas

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This is seen in Africa , Asia and Middle East where marriage age has not been an issue . In fact today communities still marry off their underage girls . The number of teen pregnancies in the West has sharply increased due to increased teen sexual intercourse . Exposure to diverse cultures and trends has made sexual affluence in the teens to become dynamic and has aggravated social values . An examination on socio-economic aspects of the causative factors of teen pregnancies Bongaarts Cohen (998...

Nursing Pediatric Nursing Careplan

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Use a minimum of 3 resources : Term infant with feeding intolerance , Lethargy without evidence of obstruction , suspect sepsis : Feeding intolerance of infant is affected by many factors such as inability to suck , malabsorption of nutrition or factors such as obstruction in the gastric area . Thus the baby is at risk of imbalanced nutrition and dehydration compromising the health of the infant to receive adequate nutrition . Feeding intolerance can also be because of infectious diseases and other health problems that hinder...

Process And Location Strategy

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Structures can be easily defined according to the purpose they serve . In the group to be created , two structures are very clear : one is the education structure , and the other is the recreational structure . Those with relevant skills in education should be assigned in the first structure , while those who have experience holding recreational activities for the youth should be assigned of the second . This way , the goal of providing education and guidance to the beneficiaries will be sustained . The...

Nursing Research

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Melnyk et al (2008 ) use a secondary analysis of data obtained from mothers who participated in the full-scale primary RCT ( HYPERLINK "http /www .nursingresearchonline .com /pt /re /nnr /fulltext .811 000-00003 .htm jsessionid JzJYh6FTNcbnL2hhDZsjX9lvKwtzx5KgF5RZyHWkz3qc50z lCYnH !- !9 !8091 !-1 fullimage true " \l "P109 P109 " Melnyk et al , 2006 . Structural equation modeling was used to test the theory-based conceptual model constructed to explain the process through which the COPE intervention impacted mothers ' anxiety and depression 2 months after their infants ' discharge...

Maternal Anxiety And Depression After A Premature Infants Discharge From The Nicu: Explanatory Ef...

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Most of the sources for the theoretical aspect of the study dated as far back as more than two decades ago . This is understandable since many theories still applicable today were introduced decades ago . The date of previous studies varied , with some dating back to more than a decade ago and others dating two years ago . The more recent dates of previous studies were important to support the use of variables and measures in contemporary situations . There is no summary...

Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Preterm

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This findings support the fact that infants who are of lower birth weight present with multiple risk factors associated with NEC (B .M . Carter and D . Holditch-Davis , 2008 , p .289 . Though gender has not been recognized as a risk factor of NEC , other studies , however , have found that there are more male than female infants who develop NEC . Also , the same data imply that the mortality for NEC is higher in male infants than female infants (B .M . Carter and...

Music Therapy In The Nicu

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Mothers who have preterm mother value music more use of music helps to reduce the hospital stay in preterm infants Mothers in preterm group can be helped by knowing the fact that their infant listened to their singing when they stayed in the NICU Other Comments Female infants respond better to music compared to males The music should be of the same nature as the baby would have heard during the prenatal period Playing live music for 30 minutes a...

Noise In The Nicu

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Use of music , and especially intrauterine sounds effects can be implemented along side the techniques of music therapy and can have immense impact on the development of the premature infants . Some studies show that the new born infants especially the ones which are prematurely born might have remarkable responses unmistakably to intrauterine sounds and to voices . This is more so when such voices are entrained to the heart beat of the baby and its respiratory rate . Thus the use of...

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