mountain pine beetle custom essays and research papers (2 essays)

Critically Evaluating The Scientific Literature

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The result showed that if there will be no beetle outbreaks and additional harvest that amount of carbon in the ecosystem will sink while if the trend continues , the amount of carbon in the atmosphere will further increase and the regeneration of the forest would be slow . The authors used both primary and secondary sources . The primary sources are used mainly in definition of terms and providing data . The secondary sources provide example and back up to their argument . The...

The Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan ( Canadian Geography )

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This can be achieved through the use of fertilizers , planting fast growing species , thinning good spacing during planting and even brushing , restoring the once productive ecosystem , monitoring , research and innovation as well as policy constraints . Preparation in any case for uplift of harvesting will be based on a number of issues . This is to ensure that the salvaged timber under any circumstances will retain its economic value on the market and the income for the communities . This will call upon...

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