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Sanitary Microbiology

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Most Probable Number (MPN ) Method In executing the MPN method , a water sample is diluted ten-fold in a series and inoculated in 1-ml aliquots into a medium . After a period of incubation (approximately 24 hours , the samples are examined for colony growth . Growth is theoretically probable if one organism is present in each sample . The greater the number of samples done from each dilution , the better the statistical accuracy becomes . When the incubation period ends , patterns are noted regarding growth...


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Molecular Biology From cellular biology which studies cellular parts and functions , we studied molecular biology which deals with the processes that take place inside the cell and how they all interplay within the cell and among neighboring cells as well . Molecular biology takes a closer look at these processes and takes them in the context of the bigger processes of organs and systems . Molecular biology straddles biochemistry and cellular biology for obvious reasons . All these three are interrelated , and the...

Microbiology/ Corynebacterium Diptheriae

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Hence , for Marx , religon is the ``opiate of the masses (http /www .sociologyinourtimes3e .nelson .com , n .d , n . pag ) According to Max Weber (1864-1920 , the prophet was ``either a renewer of a religion or a founder of a new religion (http /missiology .org , n .d , n . pag ) Meanwhile , the priest ``upheld the status quo and served as the reinforcement of the stability of societies (http /missiology .org , n .d , n . pag ) The priest is only credible in the sense that...

The History Of Microbiology

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In 1876 , Koch discovered that a rod-shaped bacteria (Bacillus anthracis , is responsible for the anthrax disease in cattle . Koch obtained a sample of the bacteria , isolated some of it and others he cultured in nutrients and then injected them into the bodies of healthy animals . When these animals became sick and died , Koch obtained a sample of bacteria in their blood and compared it to the isolated original sample . He found out that both samples contained the same bacteria , therefore...

Multi-state E.coli Outbreak

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It will easy to search the patient 's history and reduces time and labor . Disadvantages : Identifying case and control subjects using sequential digit dialing technique with low socioeconomic status is a drawback because they often do not have telephone service however , because only case subjects who could be contacted by telephone can be encouraged to participate in the case study , case subjects and control subjects should be probably comparable in that regard . Laboratory Diagnosis : This technique can be done by...

Microbiology Lab Report For Undergraduated University Level

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Gramnegative and possess enzymes to breakdown lactose into glucose and galactose . Moreover , the pink colonies are clear indication that this bacterium is an enteric coliform . Both the slant and the butt appeared yellow on the TSI slant display the acidic nature of the medium . This culture is able to utilize glucose , since it is present in lower concentration , after its deprivation it also switches over to lactose and sucrose , thus finding other means of respiration . The acidic nature (yellow ) of...

Microbiology Question Sets

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Puerto Rico secretary of justice and thus recognized in the Puerto Rico constitution and afterwards the Puerto Rico State department designed a procedure to grant the Puerto Rica citizens their citizenship . Despite the control of the United states in Puerto Rico , the Puerto Ricans are under represented in the United states Congress in the form of the non-voting delegate , because the commissioners are only allowed to vote in the committee of the whole but can not participate in matters that...

Microbiology Lab Report

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This indicates that starch has been utilized- a characteristic of the genus Bacillus (Norman , 2005 .Unfortunately , only one unknown was identified due difficulty in purification of the mixed culture . The Pure culture technique is more or less tedious to perform , aside from that the tests mentioned above is mostly laborious and will take a lot of time for observation . Additional recommendation would be test for motility even though it is not a biochemical test . It would greatly isolate Proteus among...

Personal Aspirations

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Surely , can greatly impact on how I practice my major . After putting my expectations in the subject , I wish to correlate it on my future major which is pharmacy . By having a background in microbiology , I can better exhaust the capabilities and horizons of the pharmaceutical profession . Since the overall goal of such profession is to provide adequate levels of dosage in medicine , having a firm and solid background about the subject can help pave the way for cure among...


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Rapoport says that referring to a rigid strategy can never be effective unless the participant , in a game or in real life , opens up his mind for the possibilities which may arise . This is why Rapoport speaks about the importance of flexibility both in life as well as in games . The fourth chapter of the book has discussions on how to normalize the intricacies of a gaming pattern . Rapoport says that any of the critically patterned games can be deduced...


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However , these proteins reach their peak reaction rate only at a certain temperature . At the same time , proteins in general are able to maintain their structure , and therefore their function , within a limited range of temperatures . Heat applied through pasteurization causes the denaturation of proteins . It disturbs the peptide bonds that link component amino acids and results in irreversible alteration of protein structures . The molecules then become non-functional as protein function is dependent on the specific of amino acids that...

Quality In The Climical Microbiology Laboratory

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The pre-analytical stage also includes the proper collection and transportation of the specimen from the site where the patient is located to the actual area where the clinical microbiology laboratory is situated in . In addition , the checking of the condition of the tissue sample is also part of the pre-analytical stage . It should be understood that every part of this stage may influence the results of the microbiological assay . Selection of microbiological test . Quality assurance ensures that the correct and...

Microbiology: Morphology, Structure, & Function Of Typical Bacteria, Viruses And Fungi; Character...

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Variola virus is made up of particles which are biconcave brick of about 200 to 400 nm in length . This small shape confers on the virus the characteristic of forming aerosols which helps in its distribution to various places effectively . The issue with this aerosol formation by the virus is that the particles are easily and rapidly transmitted from one region to another and since the particles are very small , it can 't be identified when spread by mere naked...

Statement Of Purpose (for Admission Of Master Program)

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My Aspiration for a Master 's Degree APPLICANT 'S NAME : Georgetown University DATE : My Aspiration for a Master 's Degree It is truly apparent , based on the achievements that I was able to garner in all of my academic endeavors , that I am very much focused on realizing my life 's goal . More than the awards and scholastic honors that had been bestowed upon me , it is in knowing that my goal is already within reach that had served to...

Microbiology Journal Article Review

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Structurally diverse natural products that cause potassium leakage trigger multicellularity in Bacillus subtilis : Article Review Name of the Student Course /Subject Name of Professor Date Submitted Structurally diverse natural products that cause potassium leakage trigger multicellularity in Bacillus subtilis : Article Review Biofilm formation of bacterial cells , or the ability of bacteria to aggregate in response to certain signaling factors , is a relatively new concept that gives researchers and other scientists an extra load of scientific works . These works are connected...


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