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Meryl Streep As Francesca

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Over the course of those two and one-half decades , Mrs . Johnson attempted to locate Kincaid only once , and then unsuccessfully , after the passing of her husband . Two final points are in about Waller 's telling of the story-within-the-novel . The first is that , notwithstanding the brevity of the actual affair of Robert and Francesca , Waller leaves little doubt that theirs was much more than a fleeting romance or momentary concession to impulse . As Robert said upon learning that Francesca must stay...

Movie Review

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The red strip appearing a flame moves up the running track , only Meryl could run with high heels unstoppable even foe a moment . The great scene mixed with fire , flame , passion and quick motion . The film is about mother and daughter relationships and their difficult problems . Meryl as mother and Sophie her daughter are in the stages of let go , this music `Slipping through My Fingers ' is a daunting song that absorbs our sensibilities . The fondness of Meryl and Amanda...

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