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Martha Rogers

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Rogers , 1970 . Notably , the theory expanded into the four critical elements , namely energy fields , open systems , patterns , and pandimensionality (cited in Rogers , 1986 . Initially , energy fields were described as "fundamental unit of the living and the non-living " comprised of the human and environment energy field . Consequently , the human field is irreducible , indivisible , and has a pandimensional energy identified by pattern but is specific to whole (cited in Rogers , 1991 . On the other hand , the environmental field is expressed as integral...

Analysis And Evaluation Of Conceptual Models Of Nursing; Martha Rogers

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Rogers defined the goal and obligation of a nurse as the professional practice that seeks to promote symphonic man and environment , to strengthen the integrity of a person 's human energy field , as well as to direct and redirect energy fields of the human and environmental fields for achievement of optimum fitness potentials (Roger , 1970 . The purpose of nursing and what every nurse should think about is to promote good health and wellbeing of all people whatever their affiliation , race...

Philosophy Of Professional Nursing Practice

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Bultimier ,2002 (Masters , 2008 . Callista Roy 's Adaptation Model : The Roy Adaptation Model presents the person as an adaptive system in constant interaction with the internal and the external environment . The main task of the human system is to maintain integrity in the face of environmental stimuli (Philips , 2002 (Masters , 2008 . The ultimate goal of the nursing is to foster successful adaptation . According to Roy and Andrews (1999 , adaptation refers to ``the process and outcome whereby thinking and feeling persons...

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