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On the other hand , it 's true that eyebrows used to rise every time some new couple announced that they met online . Newss and magazines published in the early 90s were plastered with articles about Internet meetings and sexual flings . At this moment online dating is the cultural standard , a sensible choice over the customary dating scene . And the outcome can be just as good as (or even better than ) usual dating methods . Marriages are often initiated over the Internet...

Sociology - Majority Race And Minority Race - African Americans (minority) Caucasians (majority R...

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It was one of those suburban tract homes that sprouted across the nation after World War II . Our home was pleasant if undistinguished . It wasn 't one of Malvina Reynolds "little boxes made of ticky tacky " - based on a drive the singer took past Daly City , CA in the '50s . It was a ranch house on a curving , leafy street in Merrick , Long Island , 25 miles east of Manhattan , about five miles from its more famous suburban neighbor , Levittown...

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