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English Literature

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Still , there are few optimistic images in the verse : ``screaming /with laughter /the hair flapping /behind you ' Winters ' focus is directed towards the future of his daughter the major motif of he verse is the hope for the happy and peaceful future of the girl : ``This is the terminal , the break /Beyond this point , on lines of air /You take the way that you must take ' Certainly , the father is haunted by the feeling of bitterness : ``I am the past...

`ethics` By Linda Pastan

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Rembrandt painting or an old woman who hadn 't many years left anyhow - makes the value of the painting magnified over the loss of one life that is about to be gone anyway . The painting is , after all , a masterpiece and can benefit generations to come , as compared to the old , obscure woman who will be dying soon anyway . The correct answer then seems to be to save the Rembrandt painting , but the value of life is immense , but it...

Two Poems

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B . The food and drug regulating body in the United States does not strictly prohibit the selling of antiperspirants and other deodorants with chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and some carcinogenic agents , with some manufacturers even adding dangerous substances that our body absorbs through our skin by regular use of various antiperspirants . C . I personally check whether the information which I receive is valid or not , through recent studies and reliable references . Aluminum is not good for our body...


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She was imagining about a ``plate of pears ' or ``a piano with a Persian Shawl ' but when she arrived in her new home , she resented the ``dripping faucet , the ``filthy windows ' and the ``insects in her cupboards . Only at night was the woman 's fantasy briefly ignited when she responded once again to the ``urgings ' of her boyfriend . However , the morning always brought her back to a harsh reality . Not only was the woman struggling with her physical surrounding but...

Compare And Contrast Two Poems

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Irish Catholics , O 'Connor never abandoned her faith , even if she failed to be completely pious . As a Catholic in the South , she was also subject to the isolation felt in the largely Protestant region . Her religious education allowed her to see deep into the contradictions of religious sentiment , especially as a native of the American Bible Belt , with its casual racism , history of exclusion , and dogmatic persecution of anyone considered undesirable , as evidenced by a tradition of ``the tent...

Poems (notes From Delivery Room And The Hand That Feeds)

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The Hand That Feeds " Pinned under the platypus weight of his body , I am trapped until the sucking stops and I can pry my nipple , its little piece of meat , out of his slack mouth (Song ) The use of alliteration between the words "Pinned " and "platypus " implies a connection between the primordial , deep past and the breast-feeding of a child . The word "Pinned " suggests not only the oppression of biology , but the oppression of human history and the of a...

Short Poems

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Linda , the teacher would report , eschews the burdens of responsibility (Linda Pastan , 15-16 ' Linda , the speaker 's teacher became her empower factor to show who she really is and the facts of life that she could offer to others . The `burdens of responsibility ' is a representation and manifestation of purpose and goal in life . This poem is not a just a simple poem talking about the idea and definition of ethics but also a realization that each reader has the...

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