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Lesbian And Gay Rights Historical Perspective

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Several states have created laws just in the last ten years that prevent any unmarried couple from adopting a child or from becoming foster parents . If gays want to adopt a child , they will be summarily denied in many areas in California and a few other states , this is no longer true . Most studies have shown that children raised by gay or lesbian parents fair no better or worse than children raised by traditional parents . This bit of information may...

Gay Adoption

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In reality , studies have discovered an outstanding deficiency of distinctive features between the ways of life , child education practices , and general demographic statistics of lesbian and gay parents and folks who are not gay . The American Psychological Association (APA ) informs that not a single examination has found children of gay or lesbian parents to be underprivileged in any considerable respect comparative to children of heterosexual parents . In fact , the confirmation up to now puts forward that home surroundings provided by...

Gay Rights Movement Of The 1960s

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Politics became affected when defining what is socially acceptable behavior and what is not became the point of concern in the Dale Jennings case (Bullough , 2005 . It is worth mentioning that ``the gay movement became even more public with a demonstration in Los Angeles in the early 1960 's protesting the U .S . military policy against gays and lesbians , the first public gay demonstration and a forerunner of the gay and lesbian parades (Bullough , 2005 ) Aside from what was generally...

Gay & Lesbian Movement

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Even after a continued struggle to ensure gay rights , gay bashings continue to exist as a constant reminder for the movement to carry on the struggle . There is not just an existence of gay bashings but the underreporting of such incidents by the governmental bodies further perplex the matters to be addressed and tackled by the movement . According to Donald Altschiller in his book `Hate crimes , the cases of gay bashing reported by FBI in the year 2001 was 1555...

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