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Organization Theory

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S , might have different tastes with doughnut in Indonesia , for example , that taste a little bit spicier . III . Krispy Kreme and Fierce Competition In the situation where Krispy Kreme encounters fierce competition in retail food industry from other doughnut retailers , fast food restaurants , coffee shops , grocery stores , and others , I see that the only strategy that Krispy Kreme can conduct in to remain competitive is to carry out a differentiation strategy . A differentiation strategy is a strategy that strives to...

Krispy Kreme Donots

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KKD decision to expand worldwide . However , the company should maintain their competitive advantage as a provider of hot doughnuts in their stores and they should comply with the basic requirement of hospitality industry in to succeed in international market . II .2 .3 Basic Standards of Hospitality Industry Since KKD tries to become international brands , therefore , the company should aware of the consideration and factors that put a brand to be accepted anywhere in any parts of the world . According to...

Krispy Kreme Financial Health

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This means that the company has shies away from long-term debt obligations and avoids excessive amortization costs . According to the management discussion , despite the growth in property and equipment , the depreciation and amortization costs of the company only increased by 1 percent of firm net income between the years 2001 and 2002 . The financing activities of the firm mainly resulted in cash inflows because of stock offerings and the exercise of stock options . Stock options are benefits granted to employees...

Donut Industry

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Kreme 's] backyard (Peters , 2001 ) Another great idea from Dunkin Donuts is payment cards . They are making big inroads at Dunkin ' Donuts , but efforts to get cash-wedded franchise owners to take plastic have a way to go , and contactless payments remain on the horizon . CardTechSecurTech 2006 conference in San Francisco this week . Dunkin ' Donuts likes cards because customers make purchases without wondering if they have enough cash , help the chain better understand buying habits , and build loyalty programs though stored...

Auditing Analysis - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Hogan M . 2006 . As a result , the applicability of analytical procedures on the income statement would diminish necessitating during the audit fieldwork necessitating more detailed substantive tests on such area (Jiambalvo J , 2001 , p 99 . 1 .2 .5 The Management of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Incorporation The firm 's executive management holds considerable reputation and experience in the business area the organization is employed in (Gogoi P . 2006 . Concern about internal control procedures shown by management , reveal for instance that a...

Analyzing A Company`s Financial Health:krispy Kreme Year Ending February 3, 2002

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The increase in net cash used in investing activities in fiscal 2001 can be attributed to the purchase of approximately 35 .4M in marketable securities . The purchase was financed by the initial public offering of the company and the increase in cash flow from operations in fiscal 2001 which hit 32 .1M from 8 .5M in fiscal 2000 . Cash flows from operations further increased by 12 .8 to 36 .2M in fiscal 2002 , however , net income during the fiscal year...

Similar Strategies Of Starbucks And Krispy Kreme

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Canada , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Japan , Kuwait , Mexico , Philippines , South Korea and UK . Apart from the traditional doughnuts , Krispy Kreme has been introducing new products to its menu to attract customers . It has changed various strategies , looks and signs to create its strong brand image . Our Hot Doughnuts Now sign , when illuminated , is a signal to our customers that our signature product , Hot Original Glazed doughnuts , is being made . The Hot Doughnuts Now sign is a strong impulse purchase generator and...

Organizational Culture

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Set of Krispy Kreme 's Customer Service Standards People who are dining out whether habitually or occasionally expect not only excellent food but commendable service in return for their money . For Krsipy Kreme , therefore , customer service starts with its product . For this reason , the first concern that should be addressed by the company is product quality , specifically of its doughnuts and coffee . It should therefore exert every effort to achieve the highest possible product quality at all times . Management could...

Dunkin Donuts Vs. Starbucks

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Mrs . Kay received cognitive behavioral therapy to change her mindset and relieve some of her guilt . Her therapist was trained in gerontology , so she was a good fit for the elderly woman . During the therapy , Mrs . Kay was taught how to restructure events in her mind so that she could see that she was not to blame for everything that had gone wrong in her life . Much of the therapy was simply pointed towards applying a reasonable mindset to past...

Case Analysis On Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Barrier to Entry The largest barrier for new companies to enter the industry is the brand name of doughnut companies . Companies like the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Dunkin Donuts have established brand identity with customers as well as suppliers , making it harder for new entrants in the same business scale to establish their existence in the industry . Other factors like the amount of investment required , only pose little barriers of entering the industry . Phase 3 : The Organization The development of...

Organizational Culture Mgt Day7

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Their objective was achieved through the efforts of a team of equipment engineers that it organized , thereby putting emphasis on the importance of team orientation . The collaboration of the engineers allowed Krispy Kreme to become the first company to serve hot doughnuts to their customers . Their engineering team is also continuously improving their hot doughnut technology to preserve the company 's leadership status in the hot doughnut business (Krispy Kreme Doughnuts , Inc , n .d ) The culture at Krispy Kreme could...

Analyzing A Companys Financial Health

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Hegel 's (Raymond , 1991 . This does not mean that existentialists are unsystematic , but rather that they tend to emphasize the richness of human experience rather than construct a framework to fit neatly in the systemized world of philosophy . Therefore , a precise definition of the philosophy 's metaphysical system seems highly unlikely , however existentialists suggest one major theme above all else : a stress on individual existence and the subsequent development of personal essence . This makes most existentialist thought the direct counter...

Krispy Kreme : Accounting Report

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Sources 10K report 2008 2007 of Krispy Kreme Horizontal Analysis Income Statement Horizontal Analysis for Krispy Kreme Income Statement Accounts 2008 Changes 2007 Changes 2006 revenues 429 ,319 .00 -6 .91 461 ,195 .00 -15 .12 543 ,361 .00 direct operating expense -380 ,014 .00 -2 .41 -389 ,379 .00 -17 .95 -474 ,591 .00 general and administrative expense -26 ,303 .00 -46 .17 -48 ,860 .00 -27 .86 -67 ,727 .00 depreciation and amotization expense -18 ,433 .00 -12...

Why Krispy Kreme Doughnut Franchises Are Going Bankrupt

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Fixed assets of the company in their stores were about seventy percent of the net worth of the stockholders , meaning that the stockholder 's capital was only for the paying of the equipment and the plant (Rich et al , 2009 . The equipment had to be operated and maintained at a fixed cost and this would mean that the operating expenses of the company had to go up . In the year 2004 , the financial leverage was positive but the interest expenses...

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Refer to Table A . 2 .2 . Liquidity Liquidity ratio guides a company to know whether it is able to meet a company 's currently maturing obligations . It is usually determined by using the current ratio and the quick asset ratio . As applied now , the current ratios of KKD averaged at 1 .41 while its quick asset ratios for same years averaged at 0 .98 . Refer to Table A . Both ratios indicated fluctuating behaviors for the five years under review where...


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