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Good Human Development Indicators And Globalization And Its Effects In Kerala

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Akash , Kapur (1998 . Poor but Prosperous Jean , Dreze and Amartya , Sen (2002 . India : Development and Participation . It should also be noted that Kerala , which has only a fraction of the buying power of most advanced nations , has been able to devise a culture that utilizes its resources in an efficient manner . The one single factor that has made Kerala such a success story is perhaps the level of education that Keralites enjoy . With a 100 percent literacy rate and a...

Kerala: Good Human Development Indicators, Globalization And The Effects Of Globalization

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Stone Age to 1800 A D had not undergone so much change as it witnessed during the last two hundred years . Invention and ideas of yesterday have become outdated and outmoded today . As a result of this we have now men belonging to different eras cherishing different value-systems . Man is born in stream of culture and must continually swim in it . The whole society has a culture consisting of material and non-material substances . All culture has the same basic organization...

Revision Needed

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As a result of good health provision , Kerala has a very high rate of child survival compared to other states in India . Although high child survival poses a threat of unprecedented population growth , it is worth noting that child survival is a key progress for the state , which means that the state will continue to have a good supply of manpower , and cheap labour , which are important in attracting investors who usually prefer cheap sources of labour and an empowering...

Future Of Socialism In India

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Indian constitution will bring about positive development for the proletariats in India who are disadvantaged by the current trends . What specifically have happened to the Indian society in the light of the market globalization ? India has industrialized and has produced infrastructural developments in preparation for trade and profit-oriented economy . It has offered cheap labor which is very dependent upon the knowledge and practice of the English language in its back-office outsourcing companies and call-center industry . Several aspects of the economy...

The God Of Small Things

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Irish priest led her to become vengeful , remorse and anti-social . Her most potent despicable character showed up when Ammu fell in love to Velutha , their pickle factory 's mechanic . Baby Kochama 's revelation of the forbidden relationship led the family to detain Ammu and fire Velutha from his job . Rahel ad Estha was devastated to see their mother locked up and Sophie who is now on vacation to Ayemenem with her mother sympathized with the twins . In disgust , Ammu begins...

Local Democracy And Development - The Kerala Peoples Campaign For Decentralized Planning

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The authors also argue that one of the key features of the decentralization campaign in Kerala is the creation of an in-depth database at the local level to formulate plans . The last part of the book gives the details on the five years of the Kerala decentralization campaign . This part of the book details the procedures on how the resources in Kerala are distributed and also the process of identifying the priorities on the local community . The authors also explain...

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