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To Compare And Contrast Three `coming Of Age Memoirs:` This Boy`s Life, By Tobias Wolff, The Liar...

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Daddy . Her mother spent much of her time at the local bar . Soon Mary 's parents announced they are to divorce , and they gave the girls a choice as to with whom they wish to live . In 1980 , Mary 's Daddy suffered a stroke at the age of seventy and was incapacitated . Her Mother stopped drinking but has become addicted to prescription drugs and has remained depressed . Mary , having left home permanently at seventeen , lived in Boston . She and her...

The Glass Castle Author: Jeannette Walls

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As his character progress in the story , he becomes a police officer , which is not surprising for his traits . Maureen Walls is the last major character in the story . She is a weakling who has the most fragile character among the Walls children . Although she appears attractive , she has a world of her own which separates hers from her siblings . Because of this , she feels isolated from the rest of the family , even with her own sister , Jeannette . She ends...

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