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Instructional Supervision

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In this kind of an approach , the teachers are not motivated with it as they feel they are not consulted before a decision is being made in their work . Although some of the approach since it consumes less time before it is formulated , majority of them especially the experienced ones feels that some ideas which are better are overlooked . In this kind of approach , the teachers are given an opportunity to follow or not to follow the approach directives . However...


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Supervisor as_brr 3 sig XVziCjkD3_fKu5qtf9D7IKlIw-M (Pope-Davis , 2003 . Instructional Supervision in the Future The classroom is the heart of the school . In the classroom , students and teacher come together for the purpose of learning . Within each classroom a series of interactions take place . When these interactions are planned , encourage inquiry , stimulate reflection , are driven by a high set of expectation , and girded by a teacher belief system based on affirmation of the student 's dignity , learning takes place . Supervision assists the...

Instructional Supervision

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He as well has the duty of enabling the supervisees to toil to the best of their aptitude . At the same time entails a responsibility to keep in touch with the rationale for the organization . He always provides superlative services for people who need it . A supervisor in any workplace has got four distinctly separate sets of responsibilities . The first duty of the supervisor in a workplace is to stand for the management together with the company . A supervisor must...

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