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International Relations

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Iraqi oil . The Kurdish question is made more complicated by the fact that Iran may actually be able to engage the Shies and Shiite exiles in Iran to fight the Kurds . The establishment of a Kurdish autonomous district in Iraq or even the political power of the Kurds in Iraq is likely to promote restlessness in Ankara . America 's best gamble for an Iraqi administration is the Shiite , Ahmed Chalabi and the Kurd leaders , Jalal Talabani and Massoud Barazani . Chalabi...

Civil Liberties

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Men and women received equal pay for work , education and health care were free at all levels . In the 1980s , a government program to eradicate illiteracy among Iraqi women was exceedingly successful , and women have traditionally enjoyed freedoms not found in other Arab and Muslim countries (Hassan , 2004 , p . 2 . With the downfall of Saddam , conservative Islamists are now gaining ground to put back Islamic laws considered to be anti-women . This has been the root cause of oppression among Iraqi...

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