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There is among the different classification of needs meets the immediate requirements of the rape victim , substance abuser and domestically abused victim . Scope and Delimitation of the Study The study will be delimited to the use of therapist hotline , parametric reception areas , secured holding quarters , law enforcers mere investigations , mandatory reporting , and convincing abused victims such as rape , substance abuser and domestically abused to confront suspect with legal options . DEFINITION OF TERMS A term acquires meaning in the context it...


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Democracy . Andrews grazes this concept when he points out the context with which Athenian political policy was considered a Democracy . If we take democracy to mean what ancient Greeks took it to mean- ``political power wielded actively and collectively by the demos (i .e , all residents of the state who are culturally defined as potential citizens , regardless of their class or status )- then Athens was a democracy (Andrews 2004 . Andrews further argues that Athenian policy operated under the ideal...

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