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The Effetcs Of Income-related Health Inequality In Canada Based On Age,gender,class And Ethnicity

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The most cost effective strategy will always be employed when a client of social services requires medical treatment or services . For example , in the province of Nova Scotia the social assistance program will cover only pain related dental services . This requires a dental examination and proper treatment only after approved by an income assistance case worker with the Department of Community Services . If one looks at the Nova Scotia Dental Associations list of suggested fees structure it would list extractions...

(economics)minimum Wage

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New Brunswick 6 .70 PEI 7 .15 Nova Scotia 7 .15 Newfoundland 7 .65 Nunavut 8 .50 North West Territories 8 .25 Yukon 8 .25 This chart demonstrates the current rates of Minimum wage by province as of November 2006 in Canada . The National average based on these rate would be 7 .63 per hour . A person working 40 hours a week would then in turn make 1220 .80 per month BEFORE income tax and provincial deduction . The average that...

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