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The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

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Grofman , 2000 . This was a threat to the Act because Calendar Wednesday proceeds alphabetically by "call of committee " so that the Judiciary Committee could have been the twelfth committee to present a bill .8 Apprehending that these procedural minefields would defeat the civil rights bill , Democrats were forced to oppose the Republican suggestion to call up the bill on Calendar Wednesday . Republicans then attempted to use the Democratic vote against the motion to bring up H .R . 7152 on Calendar...

For This Week

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Nation ``And in the fifteenth century they were establishing a strong nation-state . The marriage of Spain 's two most powerful regional rulers , Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile , had produced the strongest monarchy in Europe , one that was eager to demonstrate its strength by sponsoring new commercial ventures . Columbus appealed to Queen Isabella for support for his proposed westward voyage , and in I492 , after consolidating her position at home , she agreed ' If it hadn 't been for his many...

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