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Bacterial Meningitis(nursing)

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ShearerCooper L . A . and Frey R (1996 ) Adequate and attentive nursing must include measures of several types : administration of prescribed strain-specific antibiotic treatment , providing comfort and care for the patient , assessing of the patient 's condition and prevention of aggravations , isolation of the patient if necessary to avert dissemination of the infection . Working this division out in details , it is necessary to mention administration of antibiotics and other medications as ed by the physician , analgesics , anticonvulsants , oxygen and fluids if...

Theory Research

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Congruence of perceived value of caring behaviors means care needs and expectation is met . There is now a difference in our needs because of the advancement in healthcare technology . For me , the process of nursing care is quite simple yet intricately includes proper communication between a nurse , the patient , and the patient 's folks . First , a nurse should properly inform , explain , and instruct a patient or the folk on specific aspects of treatment and teach the general principles of care...

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