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Rule (2003 , the author presents the idea that ``one 's position on the exclusionary rule ' reflects the ``the side on which one is situated (Calabresi , 2003 , p . 111 . The article further presents the reasons for and against the adoption of the exclusionary rule , fenced by the short discussion of the perspectives of the liberals and the conservatives . By integrating personal experience as a judge with the arguments raised by those ``interested in privacy ' and those ``interested in getting at the...

Critical Legal Issues In Criminal Justice

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Calabresi , 2003 , 111-118 ) Another alternative proposed but rejected by Calabresi is the imposition of light sentences in respect of criminals against whom improperly obtained evidence is admitted . As Calabresi submits this would not be an effective solution since , short sentences are general given to offenders who have committed minimal offences . Allowing a dangerous or serious criminal to suffer a light sentence would go against the principles of justice and equity (Calabresi , 2003 , 111-118 ) Calabresi , major difficulties with the exclusionary rule...

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