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Lifes Goal And Greatness

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Here , the author is trying to point out how belief in God , at least in that devoted and committed level , has deteriorated to the point that it has succumbed to death in men 's hearts . This is not to say there is no God or that religion has no basis . This is more of a critical analysis of where men are standing now - their position and views regarding God in their lives . The paradox here is that even though...


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He goes further to imply that a master is someone who is open [to ideas and events] and does not reserve judgment in the lines ``Things arise and she lets them come /things disappear and she lets them go /She has but doesn 't possess /acts but doesn 't expect (13-16 . Lastly , Tzu also implies that a master does not quantify deeds and efforts , but rather accomplishes tasks the best possible way he /she knows thus making it that ``When...

Gospel Of Mark-2

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However , they refused to tell this to Jesus due to the immense shame they felt . Bright (2006 ) describes the usage of the child as a parable for the disciples to understand about genuine greatness . Jesus emphasized that if anyone of them wish to be great , they must serve anyone , even if that person is just a child (Bright , 2006 . Compared to Bright 's analysis , the teacher 's point of view in the study guide is more compact and direct , and...


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Hudman and Jackson 14 . It is by and large a practice involving cultural abstinence for the sake of community preservation . Consumption of food in different cultures is also determined by historical events and their interpretations . Forbiddance on eating pig in many countries of the Middle East has a historical legacy behind it . Pigs were considered to have a bucolic undertone from the days of the ancient rovers . Hence , consuming it implies going against the nomadic principles of living (Hudman and...

The Great Gatspy

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Gatsby are deficiencies in the American dream and the whole way of life it stood for . The fundamental fault of Gatsby is , to use Carraway 's phrase , his `overwhelming self-absorption ' - and this is the fault of the 1920 's as such , the decade in which the novel was set . This is the fault with the American dream itself it provides a lot of fuel , drive , ambition , but it does not provide a greater vision and a greater arena in...

The Manifestations Of The American Dream In Fitzgeralds `the Great Gatsby`

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Gatsby 's tragedy arises from the fact that the American dream itself is deeply flawed . Fitzgerald 's novel is obviously a critique of the American dream , and not a championing of it . The American dream is full of power and vitality , but at the same time it is too narrow and too shallow . [T]he real problem is that any American Dream is finally too incomplete a vessel to contain longings that elude human expression or comprehension . We never reach the...

Presidential Greatness: Bill Clinton

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Name Institution Instructor Course code Presidential Greatness : Bill Clinton 1 . Bill Clinton was one of the US presidents who brought changes to the country . First his rule was able to turn USA economy historical largest fiscal deficit into surplus . His rule was involved in effective combating of ethnic killings in Kosovo and Bosnia . It was during Bill Clinton rule that America attained the highest level of economic success since early 1960s . Bill Clinton changed the U .S .A sluggish economic...

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