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Effects Of Converged Information & Communication Technologies On Our Social Connectedness

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There is also the fear that in focusing on exploring our own interests with people , including strangers , who share the same interests online , we then tend to overlook making time to get to know our neighbors - the very people who are physically present around us . On the other hand , technological utopians argue that the Internet has actually created the ``virtual community ' which liberates an individual from the restraints of geography and social characteristics such as gender , race , and ethnicity (Hampton...

Relationship Analysis

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She got kicked out I had to take care of her with a lot of freebies on the side . But the final straw was drawn when that husband had the audacity to hit my aunt . She called me to tell my grandmother to pick her up along with her children . Now she is a neurologist and still staying with my grand mother . When my birthday came she took me and one of my cousins out for some breakfast , and who...

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