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Glengarry Glen Ross

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One is the relationship between family networks , class and social geography (community the second is the effect on this relationship of migration from old established working class parts of the city , which was an important concern as developments like the New Towns and new suburban council estates changed the geography of London . These scholars described the role of people 's surroundings on their everyday lives . This book was a kind of sociological love letter that serenaded the intensely human qualities...

Glengarry Glen Ross

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Mullins 397 ) The Halo Effect .occurs when one attribute of a person or situation is used to develop an overall impression of the person or situation (Schermerhorn et al 91 . This can be connected to the idea of stereotyping , and is usually something that is done when first meeting someone and hence plays an important part during the first stage of interviewing . On meeting an interviewee , a manager may automatically make a presumption of their work ethic based entirely on...


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I come back here I know that all I 've done is waste my life (Miller 1999 , 128 . `Death of a salesman` and `GlenGarry Glen Ross` vividly portray that the more transparent lives of people in smaller cities permit status bases , such as social origin , to be more readily transferred to various occupational levels . The nature of the contacts characteristic of big city life make this difficult : members of one occupational level may see or even contact members of others...

Glengarry Glen Ross Play By David Mamet

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James Lingk , who nearly gets locked into buying suspect real estate . Ironically , Williamson reveals to Lingk the truth , and Roma loses his prized commission when Lingk cancels the deal . When Roma hears this , he screams obscenities at Williamson and adds : ``You just cost me six thousand dollars (Pause ) Six thousand dollars . And one Cadillac ' More than losing a sale , Roma loses what ethical perspective , if any , he possesses . Roma , of course , cannot comprehend this . Like Levene and Moss , Roma has...

`glengarry Glen Ross` Movie Reveiw

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On the other hand , he is honest and although he was forced to do the stealing , he readily admitted to it . Moss was like Levine , but more scheming and scrupulous , he knew that he could not reach Roma 's points , so he plotted to sabotage the office and sell the leads to a competitor . He was intelligent and he had a way of manipulating other people . What qualities are admired and rewarded in the world of Glengarry Glen Ross ? Do...

Nietsche, Ethical Dilemma

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Human acts are therefore defined not by their conformity with accepted norms or intrinsic values but by the circumstance surrounding them . This circumstance , in turn , becomes the standard by which an act becomes socially acceptable . In Glengarry Glen Ross , the death of universal values and norms for what is good or evil meant that ethical considerations were dispensable and were useful only when the need arises . Ricky Roma 's character , for instance , engages in a monologue - which is later revealed...

Threatre And Drama

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Or , as Roma exclaim to Williamson when the latter blows up a transaction , ``where did you learn your trade , you stupid fucking cunt (Mamet , 1983 . Then further says ``you idiot , who ever told you you could work with men (Mamet , 1983 . If the identity of man is identified based on his performance at work , then failures classify a worker as woman . In particular , it is the differentiation of these two closely prescriptive positions that suggests any sense of identity for...

Glengarry Glen Ross

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Of course , the natural expectation is for her to have a light , lilting voice , years away from taking on a deeper , more mature sound . But that was not the case , for Kathy Selden had a voice years ahead of her looks , yet with the requisite charm and appeal . However , it was this idiosyncrasy that worked for her , and for the needs of the story . Her fully-developed voice lent itself perfectly to the obviously older and more womanly Lamont , who appeared...


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His line "We had a robbery " which comes just before he moves from the office-space to the inner-room indicates a shift in the plot . The line indicates that the motion of leaving the main office is somehow tied to the fact of the robbery . And at this point , the audience feels intensely , the ironic impact of Levine 's enthusiastic entrance earlier in the scene . The energy of the scene is tied directly to the play 's themes and , in fact...

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