Northern And Italian Renaissance Art Vs. Egyptian Art

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This new approach of presenting religious figures in humble and dilapidated settings , according to Horst and Janson , was an appropriation of the gothic style . It shows that even humble and impoverished people may have access to and experience the Divine . In the hierarchical social system of Feudal Europe , such a concept was indeed novel . Clearly , then , this painting is a contextualization of prevailing social trends . For instance , the subject matter is timely as the milieu in which Savoldo painted was...

Art History

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And so , with its unique sense of style , it 's depiction of a space and form lacks any indication of perspective and spatial depth (Blatt , p 105 . In fact , for 3 ,000 years , Egyptian art remained formal , stylized and "two-dimensional ' in to follow the conventions set out in the Palette of Narmer (3000 B .C : And as the Menil collection 's Funerary Mask falls within this timeframe , it too aligns with the conventions of the Palette of Narmer . Thus there...

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