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Global Food Crisis

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Area . Percentage of People Belonging to the White Race in the Greater Los Angeles Area : 1960-2000 The trend for the percentage of people belonging to the white race in the Greater Los Angeles Area is the same as the trend for the Greater New York Area . It is inversely proportional to the percentage of foreign born in the Greater Los Angeles Area . This is for the years 1960-2000 . The statistical maps from 1960-2000 for the Greater Los Angeles Area are...

The Global Food Crisis

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The degradation or loss of basic natural resources is also another factor which affects food prices . Such natural resources include fertile soil and fresh water (Heinberg , 2007 . In an effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate the United States ' dependence on foreign oil , the US began diverting their crops to ethanol production . The White House and the Congress is showing that it plans to produce more ethanol for the coming years even as a void in the food production...

Why World Food Price Are Rising And What, If Any The Connection Is With The Rise In World Oil Prices

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SUV tank could feed a person for a year ' Barrionuevo (2008 ) notes that while ``ethanol has raised the incomes of farmers ' and ``given new hope to flagging rural economies ' it is a major impact on the cost of food . The demand for biofuel cannibalizes the existing food supply , increasing the collective demand for grain . Steinberg notes that what also compounds these very real long-term factors is the role which commodity speculation plays in shoring up food prices . He attributes the...

Oxfam International

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In Indonesia , Oxfam has supplied emergency relief during floods in early 2007 . It has also coordinated with communities in preparation for the disasters yet to come . Likewise , in ``South Africa , for example , farmers are planting faster-maturing crops , making the most of less-reliable rains . In Bangladesh , villagers are creating floating vegetable gardens , to protect their livelihoods against flooding . And in Viet Nam , communities are planting dense mangroves along the coast , to diffuse storm waves ' On World Food Crisis The World Food...

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