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Prehospital Pharmacology

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ASA 80 mg tablets , administer 0 .4 mg nitroglycerine (NTG ) sublingually every 5 minutes (maximum of 8 administrations ) and if symptoms persist Fentanyl may be administered , if the patient is below 65 years of age the dosage may be 50 ?g with slow IV (maximum of 100 ?g ) and if the patient is above 65 years of age the dosage may be 25 ?g with slow IV (maximum of 50 ?g . In case of Bradycardia the paramedic may administer Atropine...

Systematic Review

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It appears that the researchers were very thorough in their preparation and were very careful in designing a methodology that would have yield conclusive results as to the effectiveness of lidocaine . For instance they used a control , a saline solution , to show that another type of fluid other than lidocaine was used to be able to compare if the liquid state of the material used to maintain pressure is not the reason for a decrease in pain . Aside from that...

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