Accountants Legal Liability; The Past, The Present, And The Future

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New York Court of appeals , called the case of Ultramares Corp v . Touche (255 N .Y . 170 , 174 N .E . 441 , 1931 N .Y . LEXIS 660 , 1931 ) became an influential decision that remains up to this point as still the law in a number of states . In said case , Fred Stern Co . imported rubber for which it needed a loan from Ultramares Corp . to finance the purchases as per importation . Ultramares Corp . insisted upon an audited balance sheet as a...

Organizational Behavior Trends

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Ethics has thus become a very important and essential factor that should be considered and looked into before any company can act out its policies and directives . Another factor that influences current organizational behavior is technology . One particular issue related to technology regarding the overall productivity and profitability of companies is the impact of technology on work-related stress . It is a common knowledge that in every job , in every profession , there is a corresponding stress that hampers and affects the...

Sherron Watkins

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Council . Being in command of such operations deployment , the nations involved had to submit reports to the Security Council (Ku Jacobson 26 . By combining the categories of the international use of military forces and the channels of accountability , Ku and Jacobson developed a matrix to form the framework for the areas of accountability that need to be addressed for all uses of military forces under international auspices which demonstrates how and where accountability can be exercised (31 : Forms of Uses...

Discuss The Mistakes Made By Financial Managers Of Enron

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Enron be `dependent on trading gains , which , according to Smith (2006 ) actually had `little real cash to them and so vulnerable to credit calls that made it incapable of riding out a crisis (The Wall Street Journal , pA9 , something which is not very much explored since the trial focused on the liabilities of the leaders and managers who kept on insisting throughout the trial that Enron was merely a `victim to a run on the bank (Smith , A9 . Before making...

Essay Question

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The tension between the concept of majority rule and minority right is always present in every democratic constitution . Thus , it is important for public officials to be able to make decisions on when should the rule and interest of the majority be reduced in to protect the rights of the minority and when should the right of the minority be restricted in to avoid the submersion of the majority rule . These questions must be addressed properly to prevent irreparable damage...

Arthur Anderson: Ethics

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These partnerships would later contribute to Enron 's undoing . Andersen also did part of Enron 's internal auditing , later reviewing their own work as outside auditors (Brenkert , 61-62 . Moreover , Andersen also hired former Enron staffers , while Enron hired former Andersen employees , in what has been termed as the "revolving-door " hiring practice (Brenkert , 62 . Recommendations Much has been learned from the follies of Arthur Andersen . It 's moot now to talk about recommendations , when the company is virtually non-existent . But there...

Is It A Mistake To Urge Corporate Managers To Be Moral?

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The way she illustrated the painting was maybe because during that time , Kahlo wants to put more emphasis on expressing her own identity and political convictions . Herrera quoted Kahlo as she wrote in her own diary during that period : ``I am very worried about my painting . Above all to transform it , so that it will be something useful , since until now I have not painted anything but the honest expression of my own self , but absolutely distant from what my...

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