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Sustainable Development

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We need to heat our homes and fulfill many of the purposes that now oil fulfill . The word development is used in the expression of the sustainable development . The first world countries like United States are being challenge about the new standard of living . All of the wealth of a nation could then be used to raise the standard of living and well-being of all the people within that society . The attractiveness of this model to the poor people of...

Human Ecology

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In general , the inhabitants of an economically strong country will be safer and healthier . There is less poverty , and people will have higher standards of living . The bad news is that the disadvantages of economic growth are also plenty (but might not be easily recognized . The effects of economic growth on the environment are especially problematic . Among other things , the inhabitants of an economically well-developed country will tend to increasingly rely on the labor of others for survival , which means...

Why Do Some Soieties Make Disatrous Decisions

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This happens when societies become so subdued and overwhelmed by events such that self destructive mistakes such as environmental pollution happen but the society fails to take corrective measure to avoid future disasters . Diamond [2005 .241-246 ) notes that failure by societies to make the right decisions leads to destruction which happens at such a low pace , such that , it is concealed by its tendency to take place in a fluctuated manner whereby the affected society does not notice anything happening...

Greener Planet

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For example , the dialogue (audio text ) would be about the commissioner telling the secretary about the crime scene , while the actual picture would be detectives investigating the crime scene . The movie has no sound during action scenes to increase suspense and mystery . It also contrasts between the normal and crime worlds , as the plot shows working girls and the mobsters ' businesses being hurt by constant raids and therefore forcing mobsters taking the law into their own hands . This was more...

Mythical Places

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The island has few trees and is really a place filled with rolling grasslands . There are no mountains with the exception of the remains of three volcanoes that are located at the three corners of the island and highlight the triangular form of the island . There are few beaches and the shoreline is filled with rocky caves . The island has no rivers or streams as well . The landscape is in itself a mystery without the added human factors . Perhaps the...

Write A Response Regarding To The Story

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Our staff at the reception counter too had to struggle a lot while communicating in both verbal and non-verbal communication with his family when the patient was admitted . By the time the staffs get used to interacting with people of one culture , the patient gets discharged and again the problem arises with a new set of people belonging to different cultural background . Gender differences too impact the process of communication in my organization . The differences are not very blurring but...

Es Ip1

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In fact , sustainable development should be viewed as a social movement - an aggregation of people who work together to achieve a common goal (Kates , Parris Leiserowitz , 2005 . The government is responsible for creating policies that promote sustainable development such as the proper management of forests , rivers , seas , etc . Furthermore , it should also provide indicators that gauge the sustainable Sustainable Development 4 development level in a country . The scientific and technological community also contributes greatly to sustainable development by providing programs...

Has Not Dicided Yet

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The fire had been largely kept within the building , therefore resulting in relatively small plutonium releases . If the fire had been a little bigger , it is questionable whether it could have been contained . Plant officials shrugged off the plant 's brush with disaster the plant official in charge of nuclear safety emergency planning advised the investigation board that there was no need to have plans for possible off-site damage or personal injuries , since it was not possible for serious off-site...

Is Hybrid Fuel Efficiency Car

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It is for this reason that the industry of alternative energy sources has not yet boomed . However , recent government actions such as tax incentives , programs that subsidize the use of alternative energy , and benefits for hybrid car drivers are beginning to tackle the issue of cost as a barrier to the expansion of alternative energy . In the United States , 28 states currently have tax incentives to support alternate energy sources . Furthermore , to decrease the harmful effects of traditional energy sources...

Enviromental Science/ Sustainable Development

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Qingli , Party Chief in Tibet , who has been quoted as describing the Dalai Lama as ``a wolf in monk 's clothes , a devil with a human face ' and has states that , ``Those who do not love the motherland are not qualified to be human beings ' The third important bureaucrat is Li Dezhu , the party 's racial theoretician , who believes strongly that China 's objective is not to preserve and respect minority cultures such as Tibetans , but to refashion them into...

Easter Island

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God 's attention , and it is the shedding of blood . Cain 's offering didn 't require the shedding of blood , which is the reason why God had no respect towards it (There was no mention though , that Cain sinned by not giving the right kind of offering . The bible only stated that God Abel , but unto Cain 's gift He had no respect . If only Cain emulated the example that his brother set , he could have very well passed God...

The Collapse Of The Easter Island Civilization

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In addition to the cause of population decrease , Spence and Tice mentioned that the women were the primary targets of the war and the slave harboring of Europeans and American foreigners . The Collapse During the visit of the Dutch explorer 1772 , Jacob Roggeveen , he was able to witness the intensive decline of living in Easter Island . The natives ' population declined to an approximate of a hundred (as mentioned from the accounts of Roggeveen . In 1774 , during the visit of a...

Greener Planet

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Amazon . Sadly , there is no other way available to divert and reverse the effects of these environmental problems . But there is something we could do to survive longer than expected . We can rather do something to delay than it could possibly be the impacts of these problems because even if the problem on environment is so pronounced , severe and almost incurable in the society , we still have to combat with it everyday , through hard work . One way to lessen the...

Sustainable Development

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We can forgive the Easter Island and say that they did not know but we have the information and should avert a similar catastrophe befalling us especially in the twenty first century . Even if we don 't get extinct future generations will judge us harshly for having been eccentric in dealing with the environment . I can only recommend that making sustainable development a reality is not rocket science though not easy it requires the cooperation of all stakeholders ranging from...

Environmental Science Phase 1(ip)

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His doctor suggested that he translate or transcribe his feelings into writing . Owen started to relive his dreams into various forms of poetry . His friend , Siegfried Sassoon , is influenced by Freudian Psychoanalysis and helped Owen in doing the exercise . Sassoon showed how poetry works like magic and what it could do to hasten up the treatment and the healing process in general . Owen , on the other hand , tried his hand in writing and followed the style that Sassoon used . The...


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