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Essay #1

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Center Forces in chaos for quite some time . However , the Japanese are determined to went forward to the Leyte Gulf . In the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea , the allied forces dispatched aircraft attacks and sink some of Japanese carriers (Field , 1947 . The Japanese forces were trying to trick the allied forces by signing a retreat and then turned again to make their way through the San Bernadino Strait . The sudden movement was well confronted by the allied forces in the...

The Dome Of The Cathedral Florence(the Duomo)

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Italy did not so entirely succumb to the great plague , the entire culture was left to flourish . They flourished in everything , mostly art . This era of individuals allowed for self-made millionaires who would commission artists to create whatever they wanted . One of the main contributors to the Renaissance was the Church . The ability of a Renaissance artist to create and invent hinged on the indulgence of the commissioner . Thus , many great religious art works were also the focal point of...

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