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Del Monte Fresh Produce Co Vs. Dole Food Co., Inc. # 00-1171-civ

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Dole has its principal place in California . On the second question , the court found the answer to be in the negative because Dole was not able to prove that California would be a more convenient forum considering that Florida is the midpoint between California and Costa Rica two states where some of the witnesses reside . Rationale The general rule is that the plaintiff 's choice of forum must be respected . As an exception , the defendant may ask the court for...

Human Resources

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These disputes are not limited to psychological accounts of the nature of moral development or character formation , but extend to the very definition of educational aims in this area . Arguments surrounding the aims of values education capture the essential quandary for any pluralist democracy attempting to construct a shared civil society without privileging the particular values of any one group . At the heart of the matter is whether we can point to a set of moral values that would form...

One Soldiers Story

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They are usually interfaced with the PC . The readers are available in various interfaces such as serial , parallel , USB , PCMCIA , Infrared etc . When the card comes in contact with the reader both match their identities by following adhering to a predefined communication protocol (generally ISO 7816 . No further data processing takes place if there is a conflict . The reader provides an interface to execute commands on card 's data . The reader uses the functions of Card operating system to process...

Summary Del Monte Fresh Produce Co V. Dole Food Co, Inc

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Dole Food Co 2001 . Under the provisions of the UTSA , courts are permitted to combine actual and threatened misappropriation of trade secrets . The doctrine of inevitable disclosure of trade secrets very effectively prohibits employees by imposing a noncompete restriction . The noncompete agreements are unwelcome in the entire United States because they diminish the mobility of employees and hinder them from obtaining better remuneration for their intellectual competence and other skills . In spite of this , several state laws including Colorado have...

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