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Movie Critique

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AfricanAmerican man who is hitchhiking . Throughout the film he has been the one who tries desperately to not be prejudiced and to see everyone equally , but at the end his own inner fears cause him to misinterpret the young man and shoot him out of fear . Officer Hanson thinks that the young man is going to pull a gun on him , but instead pulls out a figure of Saint Christopher . If the man had not been black , the rookie officer...


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John Ryan put his life on the line and saved Christine from a blazing car accident . In a moment of crisis , John Ryan abandoned his prejudice and actually risked his own life to become a hero for someone he used to malign . I believe that both Graham Waters and John Ryan were racists - or at least had racist tendencies . John Ryan , most especially , had shown racial discrimination with his constant negative commentaries and actions towards people who are not of...

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