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Discuss The Various Reasons Why The British Midland 737-400 Airplane Crashed.

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No Communication - The cabin crews who had a visual of the burning engine no . 1 could not inform the pilots as to what is really happening . With regards to the third major cause of the accident , Mustapha and Mouloua asserted that it is due to incorrect design of the display which they thought as confusing . The authors added that it is possible that due to the ineffective displays there was confusion as to what engine to shut off in a...

The Crashed Plane

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Meanwhile , Noel helped Fr . Raymond get some food . They discovered some berries to eat and other fruits from the trees in the forest . They also found some stones and made spears out of them to catch wild animals for food . To start a fire , the two ladies rubbed stones together and gathered some dry woods . It was a life and death situation every night at that island because wild pigs and wolves were all over the place . They managed to...

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