Child Custody And Gender

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And for this both a man and a woman have to be justified legally to prove that who can be the best in pampering the child . Father A man is considered as the most important feature or person of the society in nearly all countries especially the third world ones . These countries dominate men more than women and that is the reason why men are afraid to marry girls who have a broader spectrum of thinking . But men who are...

Fathers Getting Custody In Devorces

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Amneus 21 . There is a need , however , to differentiate between being a biological father and sociological father as being one does not necessarily mean that one is competent to become the other . In most cases , however , it has been shown that given the opportunity , biological fathers have a greater chance of being sociological fathers (Amneus 21 . The reason that this has not occurred more often is because of the fact that the judicial system has seen fit to grant custody...

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