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But before Human resource exploiting an opportunity for the organization key steps involved in exploiting those opportunities includes identification of opportunities , developing business concepts to reach those identified opportunities , determining needed resources to be employed , acquiring resources , managing the achieved opportunity in the market and lastly harvesting from the venture . Practices of HR management are critical for encouraging entrepreneurial behaviors and culture which encourages high performance (Golis , 2002 . This can be accomplished in an organization that employees are satisfied , inspired...

A Key Factor In Successful International Franchising Is Selection And Training Of Suitable Franch...

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This may result in difficulties in getting compatible franchisees ( HYPERLINK "http /www .entrepreneur .com " www .entrepreneur .com . The other problem that is involved during selection and training of a suitable franchisee is that the product or service in franchising is a product of growth over a period of time and hence the training should be high class in to avoid the collapsing of the franchise due to decline in quality . The franchisor is in a dilemma in knowing between the...

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