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Vanity Fair Magazine Coverage Of The Jeffrey Wigand Story

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CEO Thomas Sandefur was guilty of perjury when he told Congress that nicotine was not addictive . Wigand agreed to speak to The Wall Street Journal as an anonymous source , which printed essentially the story that "60 Minutes " found too hot to tackle , that internal reports showed that leading U .S . tobacco companies enhance nicotine delivery to smokers by adding ammonia-based compounds to cigarettes , chemicals that increase the potency of the nicotine inhaled . In 1996 , the Journal won a Pulitzer Prize...

Vanity Fair Magazine Coverage Of The Jeffrey Wigand Story

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At the same time The Wall Street was reporting that deposition given by Wigand in late November was going to be used in a lawsuit against major American tobacco companies . He is noted as the key witness to those that seek reimbursement over expenses that result from illnesses related to smoking . It emerged that his experiences at brown Williamson were finding relevance far and wide . If cigarettes were proved to be addictive , the companies responsible will have to settle thousands...